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HEEDA empowers communities in low-resource regions with access to resources and training to help them advance in all fields, namely economic development, health and medical development. Most of the staff are volunteers, and 100% of our funds go directly into programming. HEEDA operates through the generosity of individuals and small foundations and welcomes your support. HEEDA’s cost-free academic, economic, health and medical training programs are used by people throughout Afghanistan.

Gift Guide


Two thumb drives filled with W-HELP training programs.


Tablet computer for rural outreach program.


Transportation for medical students to reach villages for 10 training sessions.


Portable projector for group study presentations.


Solar equipment for off the grid health training program.


All hardware needed for off the grid health training program.

Our Commitment

HEEDA promises to spend your donation wisely. Your generous contribution will go to work immediately to improve the quality of health—the quality of life—for many thousands of people in poor and troubled regions.

HEEDA is a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Our finances are reviewed annually.

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