Afghanistan Rises

HEEDA started working with Afghanistan Rises to establish a community center in one of the rural areas of Northern Kabul Province. The community center has a combination of K-12 schooling, vocational training, as well as an adult education and literacy program. We built this community center in a span of a few years and immediately began all of our programming. By partnering with men and women in the community who were very eager to help, we began hiring local workers  who actually built the community center themselves and are thus heavily invested in its success. We hired local women to teach the younger girls and boys various subjects from English to Math.  We supported their education by the generous givings of international donors and were able to purchase clothing and school supplies yearly.

The vocational program was also started in order to create infrastructure and capacity in the fields of agriculture and manufacturing. Currently we are initiating a program that supports local women who make textiles and clothing as a means of household income. We also support agriculture by providing basic equipment and harvesting resources the community needs in order to make use of their own land. This is in line with the mission of our organization; to support those programs and people that are invested in each community’s long term growth in every sector.

If you would like to learn more about our development program and are interested in supporting us either here in the US or in Afghanistan, please contact us.